OUR SPECIAL OFFER THIS SUMMER FOR 4 STUDENTS : Beginners evening intensive starts July 29 to August 22 ; SUMMER COURSE 10 DAYS starts Juli 31 to August 15. Personal private programs all levels. Specialists in tailormade individual programmes

Day Courses Beginners Intensive 1 en 2 (A0 -A2)

Intensive 2 week High Pressure TRAINING (to A1+)

It is for students with a feeling for languages and little time to spare. 100% attendance of the lessons is desired. An intake interview for this 2 week course is required. For enrolment no knowledge of Dutch required. This course is for students with an advanced educational background ( BA +). Instruction language: English.
A demanding programme but you will achieve a lot.
If you need help with housing during this course, please contact us.

course dates intensive 2 week programme ( small group size 5 to 6 max)

July 29 to August 15
October 21 to November 1

lesson time:


€ 945,- lesson materials ITHA- book + hand outs €20,00
textbook incl. online materials: €82,50 ( for two levels=two courses )


Intensive 10 day Course Dutch part 1(A1+)

In a period of 2.5 weeks you will learn the most important grammar and vocabulary.

course dates Beginners part 1, day course

SUMMER COURSE July 31, August 1,2,5,6,8,9, 12,13,15

from 09.00 to 11.00u
October 21 to November 1


€ 875,- lesson materials ITHA- book + hand outs €20,00
textbook incl. online materials: €82,50 ( for two levels=two courses )
small group 6 to 7 students

Intensive 10 day Course Dutch part 2 (A1++ A2)

In this intensive day course you continue on from the Beginners 1 level up to A2 . Lots of assignments and presentations to develop your speaking skills.

Students who developed their Dutch elsewhere are welcome to participate in the Beginners-2 course at A++ . Please contact us to check if your level matches the admission requirements.

course dates Beginners part 2, day course

september . Dates not yet available.

lesson time:

09.00 to 11.00
10 meetings in 2.5 weeks
max. 7 students


€ 895,- + € 35,- lesson materials and hand outs
excl. book first course beginners 1


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