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Language exam training for medical specialists

Non-EU/medical specialists who want to work in The Netherlands first need to obtain a Certificate of Professional competence before they can be included in the BIG-register.
To this end doctors have to pass successfully a general knowledge and skills test (‘AKV’) . The AKV test also includes checks of Dutch language competence at a level C1 of the NT2 (Dutch as second language).
Are you applying for the BIG register and you already have a Dutch proficiency level B1+. ITHA provides a short intensive course.


The BIG register lists the following healthcare professionals who want to work in the Dutch healthcare sector: pharmacists, doctors, physiotherapists, health psychologists, psychotherapists, dentists, midwives and nurses can all be registered. Enroll for this training and we will contact you as soon we have 3 to 4 students to start with.


in consultation

number of students:

individual tailor-made
group: max. 4

lesson time:

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fee for a small group:

€1125,- incl. hand outs

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